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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Should've Done This, Should've Done That...SCREW IT

Should've emailed a gazillion people
Should've worked on my story
Should've blogged a little on Twi-Gossip
Should've been nicer to my readers
Should've gone to my niece's softball game [even though it was cancelled anyway]
Should've taken a nap
Should've done the laundry
Should've made dinner
Should've blogged more NEWS on my blog
Should've had a family lunch
Should've gone shopping for my nephew's birthday tomorrow

Hey, I should've done all that, but you can screw it all, and you know why? Because I was doing what I love to do the most: talk crap to my readers and cough over the keys. BUT YOU GOTTA LOVE ME RIGHT?
Yes you do because, "I have skills, special skills, that make me a nightmare for people like you....... But if you don't I will find and I will kill you."
-That quote is from Taken and I absolutly loved that movie. I was joking about the the whole killing you thing...but I'll tell you something that dude sure as hell wasn't fooling around.

Peace Love Twilight

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