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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stereotyping Twilight

Okay, continuing onto my all day blogging, I happened to read this article on one of my favorite non-Twilight-related-blogs. The blog, The Rest Is Still Unwritten, caught my attention when it was in that Blogs Of Note category or whatever. But they had an article on sterotyping recently and I personally must admit that first impressions mean a lot to me, and sometimes I am known to stereotype...however, if I do stereotype, I would never share it with anyone. I'm not a gossiper outside of this blog! :) But anyway, I have to admit that I did stereotype the guy before reading on, but that's the other thing about me: I got information before I make assumptions.
Now, but on to the Twilight-realted part of this...I had first stereotyped Twilight when it came out into the: cheesy-vampires-fangs category. I honestly don't know what made me get interested in to Twilight, and I'm being honest in saying I don't even remember why, how, or when I started reading it. All I remember is I wass addicted to it and absolutly had to see the movie and had the read the next book. I wasn't much of a reader either, I was very obsorbed in anything. All I've got sticking to my memory is I wasn't interested in any form of reading until Twilight. When my niece, who is 12, read the book, she was an A student...except in Reading. In Reading/English she would always be barely making an A or would be a high B, and then I introuduced her to Twilight. Now her Reading grade is always an A, and she finds ways to study relating it to Twilight.
Maybe I should at that as a reason to my up-coming list of why Twilight will save the world.

Anyhow, thanks for joining me again for my non-stop blogging and I am writing another post as we speak.
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Peace Love Twilight

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