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Friday, July 3, 2009

Fan Fiction (3)

Okay, this week, instead on continuing off my blog, Twilight On, as usual, I decided to do something different. Since it is Taylor Lautner Month, I thought why not find a few fictions on Jacob Black. So, here's what I found.

My Bella
By: egweneblack

My Summary: My Bella. She was mine first. She felt comfortable with me first. She had opened up to me first. Then he came along. You can call me bitter or controlling, I don't care. What mainly hurts me is how much he hurt her and how easily she invited him back. It makes me sick.

If you love Jacob Black, if you wanted Jacob and Bella, or if you simply wanted to know what Jacob was thinking the whole time after New Moon, this is a great idea. Even though I would pick Jacob, I think Edward and Bella are meant to be together. Plus, I think it's great to get into any other person's mind other than Bella. It so different. (A main reason I like Breaking Dawn)

By: drummer0457

Even though this is only one chapter and hasn't been updated since January 2008, I love the idea of the story.

Why I Hate Jacob Black
By: Rose Tyler

My Summary: I am allowed to have my secrets. Bella, my sister, could've had so much better than Edward. Not like the situation didn't turn to a happy ending anyway, but, sometimes I wonder what would've happened if she had chosen the better. If she had chosen the life I want and loathe over. This is the truth of why I hate Jacob Black

It's a very creative idea and makes lots of sense. Once again, even though it is very short, it is very enjoyable.

The Death Of Jacob Black
By: themoose-within

My Summary: It pained watching the wedding. Yes the wedding. I knew I had given up in some form already, as much as I loved Bella, that is the point. I told her, relating to King Solomn's story, that because I love her more, I would give her up and stop cutting her in half. As it painful for her. I sometimes find myself being proud, for knowing that I am better than her beloved blood-sucker. I never told anyone, another reason I thought of giving up, was because I hadn't imprinted on Bella, so she's not mine. But that doesn't mean she's his. Newton would be better. Hell, we all know I would be best, but that's obviously not going to happen. She's internally am I.

Jacob is supposedly watching the wedding from a distance in the woods. Edward and Bella's wedding=pure pain for Jacob Black.

Peace Love Twilight

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