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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Moon Album Opinions

Here are my songs that I think would apply nicely for the New Moon movie and soundtrack. I picked a song and applyed each song to a scene that I have played out in my mind.

When You're Gone- Avril Lavigne
The song can start right when Jacob starts to say goodbye to Bella when he becomes a werewolf. And I've imagine all of it a little differently. She goes home, and she's miserable, but not as miserable, when Edward left. Now she's remembering Jacob, and the clips are like black and white. But, since Bella will be seeing Edward, she could see him hovering over her, or walking around, or sitting in a chair. And the line, "the face I'm used to came to be missing too," there can be a collage of Edward and Jacob in her mind.

What About Now- Daughtry
I was thinking that song could be kind of imagined through Jacob's mind in some way. Like, when Bella and Jake are walking on the Quileiute beach, maybe the time before Bella cliff dives Jacob could stay a little with her, and he's thinking of Bella through his mind. The song is talking about love, and sun breaking, and wanting to be with someone, well, Jacob is deeply in love with Bella but she's obviously not returning that affection.

Wake Me Up When September Ends- Green Day
I think it's fitting, because coinstindentally, Bella's birthday is in September, and this birthday is disastrous when Jasper decides to attack. That's what causes Edward to decide to leave. I think if they play this right when she gets her papercut and continue on to the next few school days, whcih can be like a background song.

Let It Rain- JoJo
Not only does the name immediatly remind you of Forks, Washington, but it's a very mellow, quiet, miserable song. Maybe Bella could like be having a rush on the motorcycle when she's riding with Jacob, and it's raining but she's enjoying it. And you see her kind of smiling on the bike, but the song gets cut when she decides to ride and crash.

You and Me- Lifehouse
Okay so it says, "what day is it and in what month," that line caught my attention right away, and I thought of Bella's time in the book when it says the names of the months the past. When Edward leaves some dramatice music can start, but after they get past that they can use You and Me.

What I've Done- Linkin Park
Obviously this band has the atmosphere for Twilight, and I think this could work for any part in the movie, but I can't stop imagining it for when they see the Volturi.

Far Away- Nickelback
This could play in a dream that Bella has of Edward, and how she's kind of letting go and comforting to Jacob. I think this could work very much. Not only is Nickelback on of my favortie bands, but it's just giving off that vibe.

If Today Was Your Last Day- Nickelback
Okay, this could play when Bella and Alice are on the airplane to go get Edward, and whenever they talk the music could fade, but when they're not it could keep going. And then it goes. You see them drive and go to Italy and then have them get the car, and the driving, etc. And once again, when they talk the music fades, btu generally the music is getting louder. When Bella went to get Edward and was running throught the crowd, the music gets really loud. And she's looking around like she's confused on where to go, but then you hear the clock strike and she runs to Edward. You see her struggling, and it's slo-mo through the crowd, and then it's still slo-mo through the fountain and then you see her running up to Edward and they do their make out scene. When she pushes him back into the building that's when the song ends.

Other Songs: Second Chance- Shinedown, Dare You To Move- Switchfoot, Here Without You- 3 Doors Down, Apoligize- OneRepublic. I like all of these songs without Twilight, and I think they have the right kind of theme for it.

There's my 12 New Moon Album Songs.

Peace Love Twilight

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