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Friday, July 3, 2009

New Moon Premiere To Be Held In Tennessee

New Moon is set to premiere at Knoxville, TN to benefit as a part of the Children's Charity of Eastern Tennesse. With "the hype" and "the starpower" they believe that they will be very more successful than usual with bringing the Twilight world into play. Well, duh!

Dena Pinsker, executive director of Variety said all three of the Knoxville premieres from 2005-2007 made more than $250,000 each in sponsorships and ticket sales, and last year's "Journey" premiere made more than $300,000. With "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," "We'll be looking for even better numbers," she said.

Journey, my favorite band ever! Only prob, they suck now and I saw one show and refused to see another: Steve Perry--original lead singer--is gone. The guy sounds like him at first, but then you hear him in concert and cry on the way home that you bought money on this instead of buying a new item for your Twilight or--the old--Journey shrine. (The tickets were burnt within four minutes of arriving home...yeah, that's right, they didn't even make it to one of my recycling bins)

Source: The Twilight Sisterhood

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